About the Author

authorphoto_1Bimal Ghosh has a long and distinguished career alternating between academia and international organizations. Author of more than a dozen widely acclaimed books and numerous articles and newspaper columns on global issues, he has lived and worked in all the major regions of the world and has been awarded prestigious national honors and academic awards for his work in the field of development and international cooperation.

He started writing poems at the age of fifteen and published a series of them in a local Bengali weekly, Saptak, in India. Although these were well received, he stopped writing poems for many years and resumed doing so in English in the late 1980s. He has since presented and published some of them mainly for poetry societies and groups of poetry lovers. This has won him both prizes and admirers. Even so, until now he had regarded poetry writing mostly as a private domain. This is the first published collection of a selection of his poems for a wider audience.

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